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About us

The ASH Group is the global leader of smart product systems and services for the treatment of mission-critical infrastructural and agricultural areas. The extensive range of products comprises our own vehicles as well as innovative attachable and demountable devices for individual vehicle equipment. Decades of wide-ranging experience make the ASH Group a both reliable and competent partner to customers from all over the world. A support and service programme perfectly tailored to sophisticated customer needs offers the appropriate solution to nearly any challenge.

Products and services

Combine our Schmidt winter technology with summer sweeping know-how, and benefit from smooth interfaces between man and machine. Such as the standardized control panel on our airport equipment – a benefit that truly pays off 365 days a year.

It goes without saying that our devices achieve the residue-free removal of glycol, which is used as an aircraft de-icing fluid. There is more to it than that: Think about so-called FOD (Foreign Object Damages) – possible damages to aircrafts caused by thrown up objects.

Clean conditions
Responding to these risks, we offer high-performance machines, magnets, special brushes, rollers and suction fans, in addition to professional consultancy and advice. We offer this service for every single area of your airport: airside and landside, whether runways, taxiways, parking areas or underground car parks on airports. With the solutions of Schmidt, you make sure that your passengers fly to their desired destination on time.

Runway Sweeper AS 990

Runway Sweeper AS 990

The machine cleans large areas of ground quickly during one operation cycle using two disc brushes (optional) mounted at the rear of the sweeper unit and by using high performance suction fans. With its blast nozzles and the rear mounted standard sweeping unit (or the optional liquid suction unit which can be mounted quickly) the AS 990 is the optimal
solution that can be used all year round.

Runway Sweeper / Stand Cleaner ASC 990

Runway Sweeper / Stand Cleaner ASC 990

The ASC 990 cleans aircraft parking positions by using a mixture of detergent and water. The spraying bar situated in front of the disc brushes wets the dirty area using cleaning
emulsion before the disc brushes get to work by roughening the surface. The loosened material is then taken up into the hopper via the rear sweeping unit. The cleaning of parking
positions version is particularly suited to carrying out essential cleaning on transport routes as well as taking up oil, for example.

Runway Sweeper AS 990 with Magnet Bar

Runway Sweeper AS 990 with Magnet Bar

The PMB 2400 was developed for clearing airport runways, taxiways and aprons. With an operational width of 2,400 mm and a field density of ca. 300 Gauss, it reliably collects metal objects at a ground clearance of approx. 100 mm.

News & Innovations

CJS-DI: Compact jet sweeper with de-icer. 

The CJS-DI is a compact jet sweeper, which is equipped with an additional spreader, sprayer or a combi de-icer unit according to your needs. A snow plough is fitted on the front of the vehicle, while the sweeping unit and high-performance blower are located between the axles. It is completed with its de-icer unit at the rear.
It is a multifunctional machine, which reliably clears aircraft parking areas, taxiways as well as take-off and landing runways.

Thanks to its hydro-pneumatic chassis, the CJS-DI offers the driver additional comfort when in operation. Very compact mounted
on a series truck chassis, therefore enabling excellent manoeuvrability in narrow areas. As all other jet sweepers of the ASH Group, the CJS-DI also achieves a reliable clearing performance
at high speeds.


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