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Declared Capacity Determination

Airport Research Center is the independent partner for airports and authorities to determine the airport’s declared capacity using state-of-the-art simulation technologies

ARC’s consulting service includes a comprehensive analysis of historical or planned flight schedules to identify representative days, e.g. in terms of fleet mix or operational conditions.

Further movements are systematically added to the peaks and the resulting delays are analysed with ARC’s airport simulation suite CAST. This approach clearly shows the operational limit of the runway, airfield or terminal infrastructure.

In contrast to analytical calculation method, CAST can easily consider:
- Dynamic traffic loads based on a flight schedule
- Interdependencies of runway crossings or close parallel runways
- Sequencing strategies of ATC
- Taxiing strategies

ARC’s approach has gained high reputation with airports and authorities, as the proposed capacities ensure both: best possible traffic volumes and reduced delays.

Exhibitor: Airport Research Center GmbH

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