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NERAK is a word leading manufacturer of specialized vertical conveying equipment. Continuous Vertical Conveyor (CVC) and reciprocating lifts (PH) are the core products for any kind of packed goods, such as cartons, totes and boxes from small to large, beer kegs, airport loose luggage in normal or odd forms and size, sacks and bags anything else that has to be conveyed up or down. CVC serve between 2 levels with high capacity on minimum footprint, PH lifts between multi levels in a very cost-efficient version, or between multi levels and with high capacity.

On airports, NERAK CVC and PH are used for space saving vertical transport of raw baggage and trays in high capacity on a very small footprint. Typical installations are between check-in and basement. NERAK utilizes a rubber block chain with internal, pre-stressed steel cables as the load carrying member. This combination guaranties high strength with very quiet and grease-free operation. Space saving and virtually maintenance free operation reduces the total costs of ownership to minimum.

Products and services

Continuous Vertical Conveyor for transport of loose baggage or totes between 2 levels with high capacity and very little space requirement. S-shape or C-shape, Reciprocating lifts PH and KH for transport of loose baggage or totes between multi-levels with very small space requirement – Installation and service on site.

CVC S316Gep
Continuous Vertical Conveyor for raw baggage or trays, high capacity (up to 1.200 bags per hour) on very small footprint, height up to 40m.

CVC S316Gep Discharge
Continuous Vertical Conveyor (CVC) for 1.200 bags per hour on minimum footprint.

Reciprocating Lift PH411
Reciprocation lift for raw baggage and trays for standard and OOG size. Small footprint, quiet, virtually maintenance free.

Continuous Vertical Conveyor for airport baggages S316Gep

NERAK continuous vertical conveyors can provide considerable space saving over more conventional inclined conveyors and can be configured for "S" or "C" shape.

A series of polyester rods form the platforms which are carried by NERAK rubber block chains, providing quiet smooth running with high throughput rates.

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Reciprocating Lift PH411

NERAK Lift is designed for payloads up to 200 kg. A carrier guided in 2 steel tracks and fixed to two NERAK Rubber Block Chains is lifted and lowered by a geared brake motor. Multiple stations can be supported. Electrical services to the carrier are supplied via a cable chain. Lifting system is designed to operate with or without counter weight, depending on the required load and capacity. The carrier can be fitted with different types of horizontal conveyors.

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