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The Aebi Schmidt Group is the global leader of smart product systems and services for the treatment of mission-critical infrastructural and agricultural areas.

The extensive range of products comprises our own vehicles as well as innovative attachable and demountable devices for individual vehicle equipment. Decades of wide-ranging experience make the Aebi Schmidt Group a both reliable and competent partner to customers from all over the world.

A support and service programm perfectly tailored to sophisticated customer needs offers the appropriate solution to nearly any challenge.

Products and services

The flexible mounted road sweeper, the AS 990, provides an uncompromised cleaning, whatever the challenge. The AS 990 is a high performance and flexible machine that works reliably. Whether it is solid materials, or liquids, the AS 990 collects everything during its operation.

The machine cleans large areas of ground quickly during one operation cycle using two disc brushes (optional) mounted at the rear of the sweeper unit and by using high performance suction fans. With its blast nozzles and the rear mounted standard sweeping unit (or the optional liquid suction unit which can be mounted quickly) the AS 990 is the optimal solution that can be used all year round.

The machine has the option to be fitted with a PMB 2400 magnet bar, with a front mounted sweeping machine or with a snowplough.

AS 990 with front magnet bar

The AS 990 is a truck-mounted sweeper and can be mounted individually on all standard chassis with the corresponding specification. The 9.5 m3 hopper with its stainless steel floor, the high-quality sweeping unit as well as the corrosion-resistant suction tube enables not only the clearing of debris, leaves, dirt and other foreign bodies on airport surfaces.

ASC 990 stand cleaner

The ASC 990 cleans aircraft parking positions by using a mixture of detergent and water. The spraying bar situated in front of the disc brushes wets the dirty area using cleaning
emulsion before the disc brushes get to work by roughening the surface. The loosened material is then taken up into the hopper via the rear sweeping unit. The cleaning of parking
positions version is particularly suited to carrying out essential cleaning on transport routes as well as taking up oil, for example.

Compact Sweeper Swingo 200

The Swingo 200+ is more than just a solution; it's your perfect partner for daily city cleaning, on pavements, on cycle paths, on industrial estates or in car parks. A range of optional attachments allows it to do even more, including snow clearance, gritting, gutter clearance, pressure washing and

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Aebi Schmidt Group
Leutschenbachstr. 52
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Phone: +41 44 3085881
Internet: www.aebi-schmidt.com
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News & Innovations

100% electric compact sweeper Swingo 200+

We are not satisfied until you are. This means we have high expectations, and demand levels of quality, functionality and innovation to match. The Swingo 200+ series has become a byword for safety, reliability, efficiency and durability among customers in 40 countries worldwide. We are proud of this reputation and the success of our product, and we are proud to present with the eSwingo 200+ the first fully electric compact sweeper made by Schmidt. Why not try one for yourself?

“Electrifying” facts and figures for a technical pioneer

  • Two battery packs guarantee best performance and efficient handling
  • Battery capacity of 75 kWh
  • Fully integrated battery management system
  • Class-leading performance of up to 10 hours without recharging
  • On-board rapid charger quickly recharges the battery in just four hours
  • Just one electric motor fitted directly on the rear axle, means more
  • erformance coupled with less outlay on maintenance
  • High quality battery (at least 5000 charging cycles guaranteed, non-flammable, completely explosion-proof)
  • Almost silent driving and working –> machine can be deployed at night or in the early hours of the morning
  • High suction and driving performance, even on demanding climbs

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