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Smets Technology GmbH

Smets Technology GmbH

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About us

SMETS Technology GmbH, based near Berlin, merges expertise and knowledge from all over Germany. Together with our partners, we build individual high-performance trucks for professional surface treatment using high-pressure water. Since 1975, the founders of SMETS Technology have made sure to rely on environmentally friendly and resource saving ultra-high-pressure technology for cleaning runways and roads.

The result is a product line that perfectly adapts to every customer requirement in terms of design and technology.

A specially configured high-performance truck is created in line with your requirements, such as the amount and positions of the cleaning devices, how many heads for demarking, or the size of the high-pressure system.

Airport Runway Cleaner ARC 1000®

Airport Runway Cleaner ARC 1600®

Retexturing & Road Line Removal Truck ARC 2400®

Airport Runway Cleaner 3000®

Airport Runway Cleaner ARC 1600 TE®

Marking Removal Truck MRT 300/1

Marking Removal Truck MRT 300/2

Road Surface Retexturing ARC 3400®


Smets Technology GmbH
Handwerkerstr. 5a
15366 Hoppegarten

Phone:  +49 3342 5089540


The device is for measuring the macrotexture of pavements and cores
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ELAtextur - for measuring the macrotexture of pavements and cores

Skiddometer - Friction Tester

The Moventor SKIDDOMETER is a cutting edge device designed for precise runway friction measurement. This essential tool helps ensure airport safety by providing accurate readings of runway surface conditions.
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